Instructions for use Men's Defence

Men's Defence – the statement

directions for use Men s Defence

The use of the drug should be according to the instructions, only that in this case, the manufacturer guarantees a quick and professional in the treatment of prostatitis. In the instruction are specified below, including use of a prescribed Men's Defencein case of loss of the guide that is attached to the box with the product.

Take 1 capsule of the tool before eating, drinking sufficient amount of clean water. Course of reception is 30 days, in particularly complex cases may require more time to heal completely, and the restoration of the function of the prostate.

The indications for the use of

Use the capsule Men's Defence for the treatment or prevention of prostatitis, if you observe these symptoms:

  • Burning and pain during marches in the bath, the frequent urge.
  • The pain in the groin, the testicles, the bottom of the back.
  • The weak erection or lack of it.
  • The inability to achieve sexual discharge.

Contraindications to the use

The capsules have no side effects and contraindications, any man in italy can use a drug for the treatment of prostatitis.